Xiaomei Lucas – Boot Camp

Dr. Simone,

It was so good to talking to you on the phone. I am so blessed by your Boot Camp Training, thank you so much.

I had coughed for about 2.5 years, and gone through many medical examines and of cause took medicines.

Our church – World Harvest Church happened to organize a Ministry Boot Camp with Dr. Simone Noel on Sep 11, 2013. I joined the Boot Camp, it was a life changing Boot Camp training. During the last day of the Boot camp training, Dr. Simone laid hand on me and prayed for me, I was instantly delivered and healed from cough, even my body felt lighter. Praise God!

The Boot Camp training is not just deliver and heal whoever joined training, but it equips saints to be soldiers and warriors to carry out God’s mission and set the captive free. Thanks Dr. Simone for your love and teaching.


Xiaomei Lucas