Selena Gaffney – GA

Rev. Simone! I just give God all the praise for those days at Boot Camp and I thank God so….much for the awesome power and ability he has empowered you with to teach and train a mighty army for his kingdom. We are all so happy, eager, on fire, and ready to stomp the devil on every mission we go to; like Safehouse tonight, we won 17 souls to Christ. Now, thank you for setting me free at Boot Camp, I have two of the best Pastors in this world, but sometimes you keep yourself all bottled up in junk! I know or shall I say knew better, and when the “Wind of God” started blowing I had to let go of junk in my life. I can only save myself! No one else! I’ve lived for God for many years and let someone come in my life and tell me that I had to change when I read the God’s word, how loud to play his music, etc.; but I’m back! All of the women Soldiers that were at Boot Camp are joining me for a night at Leng’s home for a night of soaking, praying, seeking a stronger and deeper walk, until we enter in and God appears to us.:)

Thank you, thank you!

I love you.