S Leeman – Pompano Beach, FL

My testimony starts on the morning I went to God’s Spiritual Hospital and God’s Military Bootcamp.  I had met Sister Simone Noel in 1994.  In 1996, I had the chance to come to God’s Military Boot Camp.  On Sunday, I had arrived in Crystal River, FL and on Monday through Friday I was ready to receive everything I came to get from God. I had never experienced God’s Presence so strong in my life.  Talk about the anointing, extremely strong.  I learned how to apply the word of God in my every day life, which brought me closer, so much closer to God.  I experienced how to worship God in the Spirit and How to take authority over the enemy.  I also learned how to get deliverance and how to stay free, in my emotions, spirit, soul and body.  I’ve had a joy and peace like never before and believe that every believer should come to God’s spiritual Hospital and God’s Military Boot Camp.

Steve Leeman
Pompano Beach, FL


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