Our Mission

The ministries of Embassies Of God International believes in doing everything possible through physical and natural treatments (doctors and medicine, ECT) along with biblical spiritual applications, and then one has the best of both worlds. A psychiatrist has said that God’s Spiritual Hospital is Plan A and his treatment is plan B as he has witnessed the successful results of patients he has referred. Pastors and ministers have said that they have learned more in one week of God’s Military Boot Camp, than two years of seminary and bible school.

EOGI has a sure pattern for success through biblical principles in changing disabling circumstances in the lives of men, women, children and families who cannot find the help they need elsewhere.

If you are hurting or bound in any area of your life, or if you know someone who is, God’s Spiritual Hospital is available to set you FREE, teach and train you how to STAY FREE. We work with hurting people who are SICK & OPPRESSED in their MINDS & EMOTIONS; those who have been attacked with SICKNESS and DISEASE in their BODIES, those who are BOUND by ALCOHOL, DRUGS, LUSTS, etc., and / or any HINDRANCE that holds you back from receiving everything that God has for you.