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Selena Gaffney – GA

Rev. Simone! I just give God all the praise for those days at Boot Camp and I thank God so….much for the awesome power and ability he has empowered you with to teach and train a mighty army for his kingdom. We are all so happy, eager, on fire, and ready to stomp the devil on every mission we go to; like Safehouse tonight, we won 17 souls to Christ. Now, thank you for setting me free at Boot Camp, I have two of the best Pastors in this world, but sometimes you keep yourself all bottled up in junk! I know or shall I say knew better, and when the “Wind of God” started blowing I had to let go of junk in my life. I can only save myself! No one else! I’ve lived for God for many years and let someone come in my life and tell me that I had to change when I read the God’s word, how loud to play his music, etc.; but I’m back! All of the women Soldiers that were at Boot Camp are joining me for a night at Leng’s home for a night of soaking, praying, seeking a stronger and deeper walk, until we enter in and God appears to us.:)

Thank you, thank you!

I love you.

Dorsella H. Reynolds – GA

Dear Rev. Simone:

We want to thank you again for the powerful, anointed teaching and training you provided to us  a few weeks ago.  Our “Call to Action” roundup will be on October 26, 2013, at the church led by Carolyn Moore.  Many of the persons that attended the sessions journeyed with me to Atlanta on my 70th Birthday, September 27th and put those lessons taught into practice and together we witnessed 17 souls come to Christ and several experience deliverance….    Also, I was blessed to send my Certification Application to you on Saturday, 9-28-2013.  I am preparing for 8:30AM as I must assist at a table under a tent during our Adult Ministry Fair held today.  Will call you this coming week!


Dorsella H. Reynolds

Carolyn Moore – Boot Camp

Good morning, Rev. Simone:

I received Dorsella’s email and I’m sending you feedback on God’s Military Boot Camp training.  The training was truly life changing…it imparted strategic information needed to be an effective warrior in God’s army.  It was instrumental in helping me to understand in a whole new way instructions from the Word of God.  Because of the training, I truly believe we’ve been activated to go forth and accomplish God’s purpose for His end-time army.

I am a Warrior for Christ, Jesus is Lord, and take my responsibility more serious than ever.


Carolyn Moore

Xiaomei Lucas – Boot Camp

Dr. Simone,

It was so good to talking to you on the phone. I am so blessed by your Boot Camp Training, thank you so much.

I had coughed for about 2.5 years, and gone through many medical examines and of cause took medicines.

Our church – World Harvest Church happened to organize a Ministry Boot Camp with Dr. Simone Noel on Sep 11, 2013. I joined the Boot Camp, it was a life changing Boot Camp training. During the last day of the Boot camp training, Dr. Simone laid hand on me and prayed for me, I was instantly delivered and healed from cough, even my body felt lighter. Praise God!

The Boot Camp training is not just deliver and heal whoever joined training, but it equips saints to be soldiers and warriors to carry out God’s mission and set the captive free. Thanks Dr. Simone for your love and teaching.


Xiaomei Lucas

Zandi Blythe – Boot Camp

Hope everything is going well with you.
I’d like to thank you for the boot camp. It was a tremendous help. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve been praying the declarations everyday.
My hubby had a cold, I prayed for him and he felt better instantly.
Praise God!!!

Thank you for all your help!
Zandi Blythe
Johns Creek, GA

S Leeman – Pompano Beach, FL

My testimony starts on the morning I went to God’s Spiritual Hospital and God’s Military Bootcamp.  I had met Sister Simone Noel in 1994.  In 1996, I had the chance to come to God’s Military Boot Camp.  On Sunday, I had arrived in Crystal River, FL and on Monday through Friday I was ready to receive everything I came to get from God. I had never experienced God’s Presence so strong in my life.  Talk about the anointing, extremely strong.  I learned how to apply the word of God in my every day life, which brought me closer, so much closer to God.  I experienced how to worship God in the Spirit and How to take authority over the enemy.  I also learned how to get deliverance and how to stay free, in my emotions, spirit, soul and body.  I’ve had a joy and peace like never before and believe that every believer should come to God’s spiritual Hospital and God’s Military Boot Camp.

Steve Leeman
Pompano Beach, FL

D. Horzempa – Ontario, Canada

Attending God’s Spiritual Hospital has changed my life forever.  My desire attending the 5 day hospital was to receive healing from a trauma to my head.  I received healing from the Lord and so much more!  I was set free of strongholds which were keeping me bound to a life of failure.  I received love, encouragement and empowerment.  Empowerment came to me in the knowledge of how to use the Word of God to keep my healing and to continue developing my spiritual life.

Dawn Horzempa
Ontario, Canada

P. Pires – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

At a time in my Christian walk when I was searching for help to remain spiritually strong and learn about spiritual warfare, I was blessed to have heard of the ministry of Rev. Simone Noel and God’s Military Boot Camp. I attended the week long sessions in the early nineties and had little thought, at the time, of how important these lessons would someday become. At Boot Camp, I had received “my declarations” and recited them faithfully during my prayer time for years afterward. So much so, in fact, that I had come to have them memorized and no longer needed to read them aloud. They became part of my everyday prayer life and were so ingrained in my spirit as to spring from my lips whenever I had need of extra strength to build up my faith in times of testing and trials. I remember using what I was taught at God’s Military Boot Camp many times in my position as a church administrator when I was called on to pray for others who had either called or come to the church for spiritual help.

But it was my own crisis in April of 1999, when my daughter and I were in a near fatal car accident, when my own faith and what I had been taught by Sister Simone, were truly put to the test. I had been involved in a head-on crash for which the “jaws of life” had to be used to extract me from the crumpled wreck. I had 14 broken bones including 8 compound fractures. I had lost 50% of my blood volume and had a collapsed lung. Almost from the instant the wreck had occurred my “spirit man” took over and despite being in unbelievable pain and shock I had begun to intercede in tongues. (In my mind I was repeating over and over “I will live and not die”) The emergency crew, who had worked for 40 minutes with a torch to cut away my car and pull me up through the roof, had heard me praying and were telling the ambulance personnel they might need an interpreter because I didn’t speak English!

Needless to say, with both ankles broken and both knees as well as a shattered thigh bone and both arms broken in multiple places my recovery would be long and painful. I knew immediately why God had spoken to me years earlier to attend God’s Military Boot Camp. Everything I learned there from praying the scriptures to standing your ground in faith and declaring the Word against all obstacles I used everyday of my recovery. I was in the hospital for 3 months and the first prognosis was not encouraging. Doctors were unsure if I would ever walk again. Every day was a battle. I had scriptures written out and placed all over my room. I remember once I was told that my left knee had a “range of motion” of only 38 degrees (normal range of motion for a knee is 120 degrees) – so I had to declare over and over “with man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible” and “I am the healed of the Lord and I WALK in divine health”. I remember Rev. Simone teaching us that if someone would tear down your faith with negativity then they shouldn’t be allowed to stay around you – and believe me there were times I had to stop people from saying the most negative things to me – either believe with me for a miracle or leave!

Well, it took over 2 years of therapy, but I praise God that I did recover completely and am walking unassisted (just with a slight limp) and every day I thank the Lord for the ministry of Rev. Simone Noel and God’s Military Boot Camp which the Lord used to give me the strength and courage to walk through the darkest time in my life and live to declare His goodness and His faithfulness to everyone I meet.

P. Pires

Ft. Lauderdale, FL